Student Authorizations Team

The Student Authorizations Team (StuAuth) is responsible for ensuring that end-user authorizations within the systems using student data are appropriately and responsibly administered. The StuAuth Team will adhere to all University policies, procedures, processes, and standards when reviewing security requests.

All authorization requests have to be reviewed and approved by the applicable Data Owner or Data Steward. A member of the StuAuth team will lead the evaluation process by doing the following:

  1. Analyzing the request with the appropriate Data Steward(s)
  2. Recommending new or modified BAR roles
  3. Develop BAR role names, titles, approval groups, and required training
  4. Implement new or improved BAR roles with approved recommendations
  5. Monitoring the new security changes to ensure granting and removing end-user security is done automatically and properly.


The StuAuth team maintains end-user authorizations for several systems including, but not limited to:

  • Banner Student
  • Banner Financial Aid
  • Banner Student Accounts Recievable
  • Ad Astra
  • LoboAcheive Advisement
  • UAchieve (DARS)
  • National Student Clearing House
  • Financial Aid Workflow Groups
  • Student BAR role Approval Groups
  • Parchment
  • Advisor/Faculty Tab in Loboweb
  • Student Eprint
  • Student MyReports
  • Catalog – Cascade
  • VPN for EM staff
  • Communication Management


The Student Authorizations Team provides the following services to the entire UNM community that uses Student data and systems. Please email to ensure that your request is opened, tracked, and processed in a timely manner. Requests take various amounts of time to process depending upon the complexity, sensitivity, and time submitted. We can typically complete your request within 2 weeks, subject to other priorities and the complexity of your request.